Asbestos Defense

Since 2001, we have worked on a variety of asbestos defense cases. They have ranged from single plaintiff to class action suits, and involved a variety of asbestos containing products. During these cases, we have researched documents from EPA, OSHA, state and local entities, as well as industry periodicals and medical journals. And along with witness location, background research and interviews, we have done in depth background research on over 150 expert witnesses. We are delighted to provide significant expertise in asbestos defense investigation.

Asset Search

Whether for judgment recovery or deciding to seek a judgment, in connection with fraud or theft investigation, due diligence, pre-investment or partnership agreements, or even prenuptial research, asset searches can be indispensable. From basic searches for tangible assets like property, vehicles and aircraft, to corporate asset analysis, trust funds and funds transfer sourcing, a remarkable amount of data is available. Packages are available for a wide range of budgets.

Background Investigations

To ensure an informed decision, pre-employment, witness, investment/investor, prenuptial, juror, expert witness and other situations require background research. Information can include a variety of options such as bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal records, financial status, education, and employment. We are happy to provide any combination of records to meet the special requirements of our clients.

We also provide pre-loan due diligence on prospective borrowers and investors for brokerage houses across the country.


Case Investigation Management

From initial planning and budgeting, through the actual investigation and final report, large cases are most cost effective when managed from the beginning. Padic can provide a sole source for all your investigative requirements.

Credit Reports

We can provide reports from the major credit bureaus quickly and inexpensively. A signed release is required.

Release Form

Database Research

What wasn’t available last week may well be accessible today. Padic is constantly developing new sources for information. We are also looking for ways to effectively manage the overwhelming amount of data available, allowing us to provide you, the client, the specific information required. No matter what information you may require, please call about availability.

Our services cover literally billions of records in the U.S. and worldwide.


Environmental Investigation

For nearly a decade, Padic has provided environmental litigation support nationwide. Previous assignments have included oil exploration fields, producing fields, refineries, mining operations, chemical plants, railroad yards, electronic manufacturing facilities, dry cleaning operations, and disposal sites. During these assignments, we have researched documents from the EPA through small town fire departments, court records at all levels, state environmental agencies, periodicals, API records, television news and film archives, aerial photography, plaintiff company news magazines and newsletters, plus numerous other sources. All the documents have been indexed, copied and shipped to clients in a variety of formats. These documents are frequently copied and maintained as a working set at our facility to assist in our witness location service. (Please refer to the Witness Location and Statements section.)

To facilitate our research, we maintain a variety of national databases in our office, and have access to literally thousands of other databases.

Large environmental cases frequently require confidentiality agreements and disclosure protocols. We are glad to work under client agreements, or Padic can provide the agreement format.

Confidentiality Acknowledgment

Following is a partial list of significant sites on which we have been privileged to work:

Brio, Texas
Casper, Wyoming
Greybull, Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming
Mandan, North Dakota
Neodesha, Kansas
Sugar Creek, Kansas
Tex-Tin, Texas
Texas City, TexasArco
Darlington, South Carolina
French Limited, Texas
Garber Field, Oklahoma
Gnadenhutten, Ohio
Miami, Florida
Prewitt, New Mexico
Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Sikes Site, Texas
Venice, Louisiana
Carter Field, Texas
Forest Park, Texas
Love Field, TexasGeneral Instruments
Darlington, South CarolinaInternational Paper
Navasota, TexasMarathon Oil
Motco, LaMarque, TexasSanta Fe Railroad

Bellville, Texas
Brownwood, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Galveston, Texas
Longview, Texas
Temple, Texas
Southland Paint
Gainesville, TexasSun Oil Company
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
Tulsa, OklahomaTexaco
Geneva Industries, Texas
High Island, Texas
Humble, Texas
International Creosoting, Texas
Port Arthur Refinery, Texas
Ventura Avenue Field, CaliforniaTexas Instruments
Dallas, Texas

While initial witness lists are frequently provided by the client, we continually add to the list during our research. Sources include the records generated during the document phase as well as the interviewees themselves. The names are added to our witness database, which is updated daily, to provide our clients the best possible information on the progress of the assignment.

Insurance Investigation

This service assists insurance adjusters and company Special Investigation Units (SIUs) in uncovering and proving insurance fraud. From discovering extracurricular income of claimants, researching prior workers compensation claims to surveillance, we can help in most cases. Please call us to discuss how we can be of service to your company.

International Investigation

We now offer certain services in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean, England, France, Germany, Korea, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuait, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and U.A.E..

Please call us to discuss specific locations and assignments.

Process Service

We provide process services in North Texas, have relationships with other service companies nationwide and would be glad to assist in service anywhere.

Public Records Research and Retrieval

Padic has extensive experience in virtually all areas of document research and is especially knowledgeable in environmental work. Documents that we regularly provide include (but are not limted to) the following:

  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Civil/Criminal Court Documents
  • Corporate (Certificate of Standing/Status) – All 50 States
  • Credit Reports (Including all major credit reporting bureaus)
  • Foreclosure Documents
  • Judgment/Lien Copies
  • Newspapers/Periodicals
  • Property Records (Deeds, Mortgages, Plats)
  • UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Filings – All 50 States

With a working knowledge of systems and personnel in several states, we are an ideal, cost effective records research and retrieval resource. Padic can provide a sole source for documents, from research to retrieval to assembly and indexing. We can provide scanning into the format of your choice. We know of no one else who can provide our experience in general or environmental document research with imaging and data access at this level.


Product Liability Investigation

This type of investigation frequently requires a combination of services, including document research, witness location, statements and surveillance. Padic can provide all of these services insuring a sole source for the entire investigation.


Whether for activity checks on individuals or for inside monitoring of a building, surveillance is a very effective tool. Our active surveillance is done with specially equipped vehicles and recorded digitally. Hidden cameras are also available for appropriate applications. All videos are provided to our clients in multiple formats, as requested, with the original securely stored at our office.  Stationary, inside monitoring is available in a variety of modes and we will be glad to provide suggestions for your particular application.


Witness Location and Statements

Padic provides witness location and statement services for cases involving a single witness or 1,000 witnesses. Our investigators have enjoyed remarkable success in locating difficult to find witnesses, and providing statements in written or recorded format if required. Recorded statements can be transcribed.

On many cases, witness contact is strictly controlled by individual case protocol. We work with client protocols or are happy to provide a protocol designed for a specific case.